"Energy Systems, Perfectly Customised"

Fired Energy Systems

M. E Energy is well known in the Industry for its Fired Hot Air Generators, Hot Water Generators and Thermic Fluid Heaters. The Systems are Custom Built after studying your need and providing an optimum solution to meet the demand of the process.

Hot Air Generators/Air Heaters

M. E Energy's Hot Air Generators are renowned for their flexible operations to meet the demands of the process, durability and high efficiency. With the use of best burners available in the market that operate on multiple gas and liquid fuels, our Hot Air Generators are designed to meet the variable demand of Hot Air for the process.

The features of M.E Energy's Hot Air Generator are :
  • Complete Solution :

    M.E Energy offers Hot Air Generators as a Complete Solution, with Burner, Heater with Heater Casing, Filters, Filter frame, Fans, Fan Casing and Control System

  • Customisation :

    - Configuration to suit space availability at the location of installation.

    - Customer specified Burner,

    - Compact and Light Weight

    - Efficient Design results into compact design and light weight equipment

  • Higher Efficiency

    - Four Pass Reverse Flame Design ensures complete combustion, therefore higher efficiencies.

    - Efficiency of 85-88 % depending upon air outlet temp

  • Easy Maintenance

    - Rails inside the Heater Casing enable easy removal of Heater for Maintenance

    - Bolted Maintenance door for ease

    - Light Weight Heaters reduces efforts and manpower required for maintenance.

  • Durable

    - Proper Air Flow arrangement for better furnace cooling reduces localized heating.

    - Compatible Material ensures longer life.

We execute Hot Air Generators with the following configurations:
  • Direct Fired : Horizontal Flow
  • Direct Fired : Vertical Flow
  • Indirect Fired : Horizontal Flow
  • Indirect Fired : Vertical Flow