"Energy Systems, Perfectly Customised"

Energy Saving Systems

With the spiraling costs of energy and increasing scarcity of natural resources, energy and resource conservation, is an absolute necessity to improve bottom lines in any business. Each unit of energy saved is a unit of energy generated for the country. M.E ENERGY has technology and capability to Conceive, Design, Manufacture, Supply, Install and Commission state of the art systems for recovering and re-utilising waste heat, for any industry.

We study customer's process & energy needs and offer the most optimum system configuration to maximise cash savings rather than pushing traditional pre-designed flange-to-flange products. Often, systems offered include equipments for recovered heat utilization..

Combined Cycle Power Plants

As the name combine cycle suggests, this type of power plant comprises of a combination of both fuel firing and heat recovery technologies to generate power. A combined cycle power plant relies on the simple fact that a gas turbine or various fuel fired engines produces both power and exhaust gases. As the power is channeled to a generator, the hot gases are used to produce steam. This steam runs a steam turbine to produce extra power.

M.E Energy can provide complete EPC including system integration for combined cycle power plants.